Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakistan's match fixing scandal? Maybe its all a drama..

Have you ever wondered maybe it’s all a controversy? Today while reading blogs and article I came up with some really good facts which are not very convincing though but have certainly put me in favor of our team; previously if I was in a situation where I believed that our team players were the culprit in the ratio of 80:20, today I believe its 20:80.

The major question which I have been asking everyone since the start of this controversy and is already mentioned in previous article is that why the video showing Majeed taking the money was delayed? Since the no balls were bowled on 25th August 2010 and if the story is true and not a conspiracy then they must have this video before the start of the first day of the match like maybe by 23rd August 2010 or 24th August 2010; so why wasn’t the video released or why didn’t they arrest the guy Majeed then? How can we believe a video which gets released on 28th August 2010 shows facts about 25th August 2010, we cannot purely rely on this fact but this point should definitely be considered.

Now lets view the picture of Salman Butt standing with fixer and the reporter

Some important points to consider…

• Why would someone take a photograph with a betting syndicate and the fixer? Its only if he wants to get caught, and I dont think Salman Butt is so stupid.

• Even if they are photograph together why is Salman Butt standing infront? Why wouldn’t he stand with them, why a step forward?

• Now see the shoulder of Salman Butt, there are curves there, compare it with Majeed’s shoulder and the reporter’s shoulder they are straight. If I am not wrong jackets shoulders are always straight there are no curves in there? Clearly, showing that the person editing this photograph wasn’t very good in merging 2 pictures together.

• The left arm of the jacket/coat which Salman Butt is wearing is so straight, in real its not look like this. Check the yellow line on the left arm of the Salman Butt in the photograph below:

If you are still don’t believe, let’s believe it is true for a while, this picture can be take on some kind of party, the press ‘reporter’ is there, the so called ‘fixer’ is the agent of several ‘Pakistani players’. Still it is not proving that any kind of fixing here and they are using it as an evidence?

However If you believe that facts I mentioned above are true than just try and understand this too, “If you see one cockroach in a kitchen, there is a possibility that there are dozen others, you don’t have to search entire kitchen to make your judgment” Same way if you believe that the points I mentioned above are correct and the photograph evidence they have used is a piece of crap then you can also understand that the other evidences could also be made up just to affect Pakistan’s image and its great emerging bowlers.

Now let’s move on to videos they showed us on news of the world.

Some important points to consider…

• No time is mentioned, it might be recorded after the overs or after the day.

• Whenever any bookie takes such a big amount, he never counts it & he always receives cash in the form of briefcase.

• What kind of hidden camera is this, which is just fixed in front of the so called ‘fixer’ & table? A CCTV, no because such a hidden camera can’t provide high quality result (color view) with high quality voice.

In the second Video ‘Reporter’ is giving cash to the ‘Fixer’ in the car & after this ‘Fixer’ is giving his jacket to Wahab Riaz:

• Again no date & time is mentioned.

• Majeed the Fixer is seeing in the camera & talking, shows the height of stupidity. Oh wait! More is to come

• Amazingly, reporter is giving cash to the Fixer in the car where there is light & people are walking on the road near the car.

• 3 cameras are in the car according to the video & Majeed the Fixer didn’t see even one? And he’s seeing in them. This is even more stupid

Now something which gives you a signal how corrupt media can become, just a small mistake or they might have completely fooled us.

• In the car Majeed was wearing a light blue shirt but as he walks to Umar Amin and Wahab Riaz we see that he’s now wearing a black shirt. And they have used this video as evidence.

• Also if Majeed can change his shirt, why can’t he put the money somewhere else? How does it prove that Umar Amin and Wahab Riaz are part of this?

I have started believing that it is a complete controversy against Pakistan. Like I said earlier “If you see one cockroach in a kitchen, there is a possibility that there are dozen others, you don’t have to search entire kitchen to make your judgment” think about this when you are judging this event.

If you are still not convinced please don’t blame them as traitors, wait for the final decision. That’s what all I can say to you people..

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  1. I agree with all your points Hammad. This story seemed too sensational to be true in the first place. 3 camera angles in the same car is too much. And the fact that they argue over counting the money. Even in the first video its stupid to think that the fixer would count all 140000. This is bullshit. Heck I could make a video and find a look alike for Wahab Riaz, Umar Amin, Asif and Amir. Not like the video was so clear that Riaz's face was distinguishable. Good job. Taha Moiz

  2. i agree that the picture can be fake. but yar look at at the no ball! no ball by half a meter! thats not something that a professional would! plus the the video had to be released at a later date cuz agar woh pehlay post krtay tou unhay confirm kaisay hota k spot fixing hui hai. un no ball ki wajah sy confirm hua k spot fixing hui hai.i mean without confirmation allegations tou nai krsaktay naa??? but thats just my opinion.

  3. yaar but 3 din baad? could have come right after no ball was bowled...?

  4. like even after half an hour or so? it would have been more realistic then


  6. Good work Hammad but unfortunately the authorities have their own game to play, they wouldn't take notice. Spread this though.

  7. good work hammad and i sort of agree with u but u have 2 think that why would news of the world do all this and put their credibilty on line,i personally think think this was scam setup by NOTW but i reckon players fall in to it,y wouldn't comeup agreesively in the press confrenss and threat to sue against the said news paper,plus as PJ MIR OF ary can confirm that M.AMIR confirm that he know the m.majeed but only through salman butt raise eye browse ,but lets hope and pray that they come out clean out of it because whole pakistan reputation is online.

  8. sajmin yaar whenever such conspiracy arises they are not allowed to say anythin, all they are allowed to say that they'll wait for the verdict..
    and man this is how a channel gets famous, talk about fox news; all they show is crap but people watch it...its a technique to raise your ratings

  9. True...I never thought of it like that...It's such a huge conspiracy!! We must stop this! You have to spread this!

  10. Thanks
    I hope you are gonna play your part too..