Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pakistan Cricket till death? A big question mark?

Today is a really sad day; I was crazily waiting to see England team fail in the first innings, hoping our bowlers will restrict them to a score of 100 or at least 150 but they didn’t. Somehow England players were able to score 450+, I argued, criticized our bowlers, criticized the captain for his awful mistakes, wasted hours and minutes just thinking and arguing about our team at the same time praising the best bowler in our line M.Amir for like 3 consecutive days but right now after reading the news, I don’t know whether they deserved all this. I mean what the hell, are we crazy people sticking right in front of the television for hours and hours waiting for England to stumble and what we hear today is there was spot fixing.

I even don’t know what to feel, I am angry as well as sad at the same time, can’t seem to understand that how can someone betray us like this, we are praying for their success, their name and what we get to see that they didn’t even care for all this stuff, what they care is about money. I don’t know if I am being impractical as there was lot of money involved and it would have been really difficult for them to say no but still man this doesn’t justify them to play with our feelings.

It’s sad man how these people shattered their respect and the trust we had in them for money. Every child who used to see M.Amir as his idol would have start hating him after today. If the allegations come out true, I wish PCB bans these players for life, I don’t care how many matches our team looses, I don’t care how desperately we would need them, just don’t want see their faces ever again.

I really wish that these allegations are not true but then there is a video tape in which a guy is telling about the no balls which Amir and Asif will bowl, and they actually do that on that same very delivery which that guy had predicted. I don’t know on what proof they had taken names of Salman Butt and Kamran Akmal but there must be something about that too, also there are 3 more unnamed players part of this controversy but no idea about their allegations was given.

Honestly I don’t know why I love this team so much that as I am progressing in writing all this anger level is deteriorating and now there are doubts coming in my mind, what if it’s a pure controversy to again attack Pakistan’s name? Like it happened in Bob Woolmer’s case, they started blaming Pakistani players for his death and then after months come up with an entirely different story? What if the video was shot after those balls had been bowled? I hope this is what had happened and we can still say “No matter Pakistan looses or wins, Pakistan Cricket till death.” I really hope…

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